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“and what is the use of a book,”
thought Alice, “without pictures or conversations?”


Lewis Carroll’s two Alice books have had a difficult time in totalitarian states. In Russia, Stalin banned the books for laughing at authority, Mussolini banned Alice for similar reasons and the Chinese Nationalist Government, in the 1930s, banned the books for allowing animals to speak to humans.

Gennady Kalinovsky (1929–2006) was one of Russia’s most famous illustrators, having illustrated over ninety books. However, his great obsession was with Lewis Carroll’s two Alice books, even though it was politically impossible to publish them until he was sixty. He worked on them for twenty years, initially trying to analyse the text, later he would lie in a darkened room with the furniture covered with white sheets and work out in his head all the illustrations before touching a pen.

Alice in Wonderland Kalinovsky’s b/w editon of 1979 combined with his coloured edition of 1988, 168 pp, casebound continental style, 140 numbered copies, £76.00.

Through the Looking-Glass Kalinovsky’s b/w surreal edition of 1992, 168 pp, casebound continental style, 120 numbered copies, £76.00.

This exciting new Special Edition combines the books, both quarter- leather bound, continental style.

There is a numbered gicle?e print from each of the three editions, printed by the Senecio Press on 300 gsm Heritage cartridge, image size 268 × 196 mm (10.6 × 7.8 in). The prints are contained in a folder decorated with a printed rebus by Kalinovsky.

The books and prints are contained in a solander box with a specially printed cover. There are 46 numbered Special Editions available, £385.00

With the advent of Glasnost, in the late 80s, there was a resurgence of illustrated editions of Lewis Carroll’s Alice books. We are happy to publish the first English language edition of a survey of the vast array published from Azerbaijan to Vladivostok, most of which have never been seen in the West before.

The book is 176 pages with 170 b/w and colour illustrations. It includes a Checklist of more than sixty illustrated books. There are two editions, both numbered and bound in a Continental style binding. The Standard of 160 copies is £96.00.


The Special Edition of 48 copies includes a folder with four original signed and numbered Aqua-tints by internationally known Ukrainian printmakers, a copy of the book 1/4 bound in leather, all in a solander box. The Aquatints are printed on 320 gsm German Zerkall paper, 310 × 210, and are illustrated below. £540.00

Yulya Protsyshyn

Sergiy Hrapov

Sergiy Ivanov

Konstantin Antioukhin

Since 1907, when the copyright for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland expired, there has been a plethora of illustrated editions. This book explores mainly contemporary versions published throughout the world with particular emphasis on the way that Alice is depicted in different countries. These ideas and examples are discussed by experts from Brazil, China, England, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, the United States and Canada.

The book is casebound with a dust wrapper and has 204 pages with hundreds of illustrations. There is a Checklist of all English language editions.

There are two editions, both numbered. The Standard Edition is limited to 500 copies £86.00.

The Special Edition of 68 copies contains four signed and numbered giclee prints by four international artists including Jan Svanmajer who has also written a chapter about his Alice film. The prints are in a folder and the book, which is numbered and bound quarter leather, are all contained in a slipcase. £340.00

Rébecca Dautremer

Iasson Ghiuselev

Illustrations from Brazil

Anne-Julie Aubrey (painting)

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